Does Ambetter Insurance Cover Chiropractic Care?


When we mention health insurance coverage, many insurance providers in the United States
offer different services and benefits. However, Ambetter is a notch higher than its other
counterparts and has been operating in most parts of the country.

Known for its top-class reputation, a large number of families prefer Ambetter when it comes to
insurance requirements. Nevertheless, there is one constant question that many people ask.

Are chiropractic services covered in terms of Ambetter insurance?

We will delve into that part and let you know whether chiropractic care is covered.
Hang in there!

Ambetter Insurance – Overview:

Operated by Centene Corporation, it is a health insurance marketplace and a well-known
healthcare company in the U.S. Ambetter was created to provide health insurance plans for
families and individuals that are on the affordable side and are accessible for them.

Another impressive thing about Ambetter is that they are operational in many states like
Arizona, Indiana, Georgia, Illinois, Florida, and more.

The main aim is to offer accessible health insurance plans that are affordable too. Ambetter
Insurance also emphasizes offering comprehensive coverage, consisting of several health
benefits mandated by the Affordable Care Act.

The benefits offered by Ambetter are preventive care, mental health services, emergency
services, and so on. When it is about chiropractic care, that can depend on the state you live in
and the particular plan.

Chiropractic Care:

Before we jump into chiropractic coverage, you should know what it means. Chiropractors are in
trend as many people complain about their back, and are going to specialists. Chiropractic care
focuses on the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, primarily affecting the spine. It consists
of non-invasive techniques, therapies, manipulations, and adjustments to improve pain and the
overall body structure.

Ambetter Insurance’s Coverage – Does It Provide Chiropractic?

It is about time to get to the point. Does Ambetter’s insurance cover chiropractic? Well, this can
depend significantly according to the plan you have chosen. The insurance plans offered by
Ambetter offer coverage for numerous health benefits. However, the cover for chiropractic can

In selected states, Ambetter Insurance plans do cover chiropractic care. It implies that the
policyholders can go to a chiropractor and get the required treatments without paying the whole
expense. Nevertheless, one needs to be wary of the fact that the coverage limitations may still
be applied, including pre-authorization requirements and restrictions on the number of visits.
On the other side of this explanation, certain states do not offer chiropractic care as a standard
benefit. In such situations, the policyholders need to look at other options and decide on other
forms of payment. One of them is the usage of health savings accounts.

Have a look at the plans that offer chiropractic cover from Ambetter –

1. Bronze Plans: A Bronze plan from Ambetter Insurance usually has limited coverage in
terms of chiropractic care. They may offer cover for certain services but with higher outof-pocket costs, including deductibles and copayments.
However, you should review the plans to know the level of chiropractic coverage offered.
It will eventually help you to know whether to go for the plan.

2. Silver Plans: Such a plan offers comprehensive chiropractic coverage compared to a
Bronze plan. It may cover a large amount of the costs that cause lower out-of-pocket
expenses. It is an ideal plan for those seeking top-tier chiropractic care. Similar to what
we said about the first plan, it is imperative to have a complete check on the specifics of
any plan to know the requirements and limitations.
Knowing the plan entirely can help individuals and families to take the right decision in
terms of opting for chiropractic care.

3. Gold Plans: This plan offers the biggest coverage of chiropractic services. A gold plan
does accompany itself with copayments and lower deductibles, which results in reduced
out-of-pocket costs in terms of chiropractic treatments.
Also, one needs to check the overall details of the plan to know about the exact

To determine whether a certain Ambetter Insurance plan covers chiropractic care, one needs to
carefully have a look at the plan’s details, benefits, and also associated documents. Such things
will eventually help you to make a better decision with their requirements and limitations being in
front of you.

Additional Considerations:

Ambetter Insurance may cover chiropractic care in a way, but there are some factors to keep in
mind when seeking chiropractic care. They are –
● Network Providers – To get the best out of the insurance benefits, it is better to select
chiropractors that are in-network providers with Ambetter. Having in-network providers
will benefit an individual with comprehensive coverage, and they can avoid being
charged with higher out-of-pocket expenses.
It is imperative to do your own research appropriately for better results as per
chiropractic coverage.
● Restricted Annual Visits – A few Ambetter insurance plans may have a few restrictions
in terms of the number of chiropractic visits within a certain time period. As we said
earlier, it is crucial to research the plans carefully to check out their limitations and so on.
This will help you immensely.
● Pre-Authorization – A few of the insurance plans from Ambetter do require preauthorization for chiropractic services. This signifies that an individual needs to get
approval from the insurance provider before the start of the treatment to receive

Knowing more about the pre-authorization process in detail can be of great help to avoid
any kind of additional expenses.

Other Alternative Cover Options:

In case the selected Ambetter Insurance plan does not provide satisfactory chiropractic
coverage or chiropractic services aren’t covered at all, there are other numerous options to
choose from.

They include the following:

4. Supplementary Plans – A number of insurance providers offer supplementary plans that
mostly focus on and cover chiropractic care. Such a plan can be easily added to your
insurance coverage, offering numerous benefits in terms of chiropractic treatments.

5. Health Savings Accounts – If you have an (HSA), there is a good chance to avail those
funds to cover the expenses for chiropractic treatment. These accounts let you set aside
pre-tax dollars for many medical expenses, and that does include chiropractic care.

6. Cash Payments/Discount Programs – Individuals can enquire about discount
programs provided by chiropractic clinics or have a negotiation in terms of cash
payments. Since this may require money to be paid instantly, it is a great way to reduce

Benefits of Chiropractic Care:

Chiropractic as a word is in trend these days, thanks to its massive reach on social media.
Chiropractic care can provide a lot of health benefits to individuals through non-invasive
treatments. Chiropractors often help individuals to reduce and completely eradicate their body
pain, mostly the spine and the area around them. Ambetter Insurance plans offer families and
individuals an opportunity to use these benefits. Some of the advantages are as follows:

 Improved Mobility & Function: Going for chiropractic treatment can immensely
improve joint mobility and muscle function too. This lets you perform daily activities
comfortably and move better.

 Pain Management: Chiropractic therapies and adjustments can reduce severe pain in
the body. This can be the neck, back, shoulders, and joints. A chiropractic treatment can
somehow reduce the need for pain medications.

 Non-Invasive Approach: Chiropractic care is quite different from the likes of
pharmaceutical treatments and surgical interventions. It is mostly free from any kind of
side-effects and it is non-invasive. Chiropractic treatments are drug-free and they
provide individuals a faster way of reducing or completely eliminating their body pain.

 Improves Health: It takes more of a holistic way. By improving your spinal cord and
better body alignment, chiropractic treatments can vastly improve body functions and


As we conclude, the answer to the question is YES! Ambetter Insurance does provide
chiropractic care for people seeking it. However, this can vastly depend upon the plan
and the state you currently live in the United States.

Individuals need to review their plan details along with its requirements and limitations to
know whether they would be provided with adequate chiropractic care. Through proper
research and communication with Ambetter Insurance and your personal chiropractor,
you can get to know what Ambetter Insurance plan is better for you.

Remember, having a good understanding is the key to tackling the complexities of health
insurance coverage, including chiropractic care. Ambetter Insurance is the place for
covering chiropractic care, but you need to know which plan would be ideal for your
chiropractic care.
Stay Fit!

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